Total Bedlam.

So here we are. 14 hours away from no longer being homeowners. The goal that we set our sights on so many months ago is actually becoming a reality. Bronwen and I call this “burning the boat”. We have almost officially gotten to a point where there is no turning back, and with that comes a large amount of complete terror and and super crazy amount of excitement.

I am certain once we arrive at our next destination that I will finally be able to exhale and actually think about what we have really embarked on. On the magnitude of the journey we have volunteered for.

So far, the financial aspect has began to reveal itself. As bills are taken out of our name, and expenses are shifted, we are already feeling like we are making more money. On top of that, we have continually had to get rid of more and more and more things. Much of what we once considered necessary has been donated to Good Will. Actually, since we are keeping track for tax purposes, it’s close to around $10,000 worth of stuff has been donated already. You would not believe the impact a decision can have on your soul. Remember those shoes you once loved above all the others? Give them up. See where it leaves you. See what you really think about “things” and the value they have. It’s a very weird place to be.


In certain cases, either where something was of more monetary value or where we thought the resale market was strong, we sold stuff. That has actually proven to quite the lucrative little business in itself. People have been willing to buy a lot of what we owned, but we have also been willing to price it to sell. The biggest hit for me personally has been my beloved guitars. I have parted ways with no less than 3 guitars during this process and I am overwhelmingly surprised at how ok with it I am.

Finally, the move-out process. This has been completely nuts. Thankfully the sale of our house has been almost completely painless. The actual process of packing our stuff and moving it into the RV, however, has not been. Even though we have been very successful at getting rid of tons of stuff, we always seem to end up with tons more. We’re at the point in our adventure where we overpack, overweigh, and overthink things…I think. If anyone tells you that moving from a house to a RV is easy, they’re nuts.

So, one more night in our home. One more shower. One more cheese date. Then the adventure begins.

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